From Virtual to Reality: The Power of Reconnecting In Person within a Remote-First Work Culture

In today’s age of remote work culture, it has become increasingly common for companies to operate virtually, with their team members scattered across various locations, and even timezones. While ordinarily innovative companies like Apple and Twitter are forcing their employees back into the office, ViralGains has been proud to adopt a remote-first approach. This flexible work approach has allowed us to recruit and retain skilled employees without any location constraints, which has significantly contributed to our business’s internal and external successes.

We believe this approach has worked so well because at the core, we still believe in the power of human connection. While we thrive in a remote-first work culture, we prioritize the building of strong connections among team members through both remote and in-person activities. We’ve seen this help us foster creativity, enhance communication, and maintain a strong sense of community. 

In lieu of our typical team building activities, this past month Blythe Spiegel, our Director of People and Culture, organized an unforgettable company offsite in Wickenburg, Arizona, that brought our entire team from all corners of the country together again, and some for the first time ever! About an hour north of Phoenix, VGers broke down the barriers of their virtual screens, and created a tangible reality where employees could place an energy to an entity they’ve been interacting with virtually in their day-to-day. We were housed by Ranchos De Los Caballeros, where our ViralGains team connected, learned, and grew together over campfire songs, team dinners, ATVing, horseback riding, and even penning cattle! 

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We are so grateful for and proud of the team we have here, and while the pandemic may have transformed the way we work physically it hasn’t changed our ability to build a strong sense of community with one another. We can’t wait to share the team bonding experiences that continue to make us successful in the future. 

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