ViralGains’ Brand Lift Study

Optimize the Impact Video Ads Have on Consumer Sentiment in Real-Time

Video is the most powerful medium in history because it impacts our emotions via sight, sound and motion. Yet marketers still measure the effectiveness of video ads with metrics like completion rate, click through rate or viewability.  While these metrics are important, we should expect more insights from the medium that touches our hearts, makes us laugh or think differently. We should understand its impact on sentiment – and in these fast-changing times – it’s imperative to gauge these feelings immediately. 

Ad Effectiveness Made Easy: ViralGains’ Brand Lift Study Dashboard

ViralGains’ customizable surveys help marketers get answers to their most pressing questions about their brand, product or service in real-time.  For example, questions like:

  • Do consumers have a more favorable impression of my brand after viewing my ad?
  • Are consumers more aligned with my brand’s message after viewing my ad?
  • Are people who saw my ad more interested in my brand, product, or service?
  • Did my video ad move people to consider my brand or product?
  • Are consumers more likely to purchase my product after seeing my ad?

ViralGains’ interactive, easy-to-read dashboard, allows users to monitor brand health performance by comparing likert scale survey data between control and exposed groups at desired statistical significance.

Multiple Choice or Likert Survey can be used for the Brand Lift Dashboard:

Explore the Dashboard:

Key Benefits:

  1. Get Actionable Insights, Fast: Optimize campaigns in-flight by understanding how your ads are changing perceptions in a matter of days. Our dashboard graphs focus on the metrics that help you make quick, informed decisions about your campaign.
  2. Testing Made Easy: A/B test different ads to understand which creative resonates best with various target audiences and learn which videos shine in different digital contexts.
  3. Flexible & Customized For Your Brand Goals: Customize ViralGains’ survey questions, answer options, colors and fonts to get to the heart of what you are trying to learn from consumers. Quickly activate studies to address new strategies and understand shifts in market or consumer behavior. 
  4. Fast Set-Up & Reporting: Say goodbye to long lead times and waiting for third party research companies to send you your brand lift report. Our dashboard is easy to set up and updates in real-time so you can leverage insights quickly to make informed decisions about your campaigns. 
  5. Validate Results with Statistical Significance: Our Brand Lift Dashboard enables you to track statistical significance at your desired confidence level so you know how likely it is that your results are accurate. 
  6. Get More Value Out of Your Digital Ads: Third party companies charge a hefty fee for brand lift studies with lower sample sizes and longer lead times. ViralGains’ Brand Lift Dashboard is built into the ViralGains Odyssey™ platform with a quick and easy setup so you can start seeing results within days.

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