Effectively Educating Through Advertising This Flu Season

As colder weather makes its way into the winter months, so does the coughing, the sneezing, and unfortunately the flu season. Now, more than ever, advertisers and marketers are seeking out new and effective ways to educate consumers about the risks of the flu, and the benefits of getting vaccinated. 


One of our customers aimed to inform and encourage people 65+ to get their flu shot. Their game plan consisted of creating various videos to exhibit the risk of the flu and the benefits of the vaccine. By generating two different types of ads, they were able to target two groups of consumers:

  1. Those who have gotten a flu vaccine in the past or plan to get one this season and,
  2. Those who are more on the fence about getting a flu shot.

The organization partnered with us to carry out a two-phased advertising journey that consisted of:

  • Audience Building & VoiceAlike®–AI: High & Low Flu Vaccine Intenders
  • Two-Pronged Creative Strategy: Action Oriented Videos for High Intenders & Educational Videos for Low Intenders
  • ViralGains Likert Survey to measure real-time consideration

Here’s a sneak peak at the results:

  • ViralGains was the LEADING programmatic partner, meeting aggressive Audience Quality & Conversion Rate goals measured by Crossix. 
  • ViralGains reached 10% MORE of the target audiences compared to the average partner.

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