How to Squash the Skinny Jean Debate

As we start to see the beginnings of normalcy creep back into our lives, the masses are turning to their closets to put on their jeans for potentially the first time in over a year. While we’re all facing the reality of squeezing back into former fitting pants, there’s another pressing issue occurring- what jeans are actually in style?

You may have seen the recent debates about whether the “Skinny Jean” is out. And if not, here is a peek a just a handful of the headlines.

What Does This Have To Do With Advertisers?

If we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s that customer needs and demand can turn on a dime. If you’re not gauging what your customers feel or think about your product in real time, you run the risk of losing relevancy.

A fast and easy way to do this is by using ViralGains’ surveys within your ad to ask people what their preferences.

For example, our Multiple Choice Survey is a popular way to get real-time feedback from current and prospective customers. Let’s see it in action below.

Measure Customer Preferences, Sentiment & Feedback in Real Time

Compare customer feedback on different video creatives


Retarget people or personalize future ads  based on their answer option…

Assign Journey Triggers® to each answer option and retarget people…

  • who value your brand, product or key differentiators
  • with ads that highlight their preferences


  • Customizable question & up to 6 answer options
  • Respondents can select one answer option
  • Ability to randomize answer options
  • Available via video and display
  • Assign different landing pages and Journey Triggers® to each answer to create 1st party audiences for retargeting*


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