How Do You Advertise Successfully in 2020?

Today’s rapidly evolving social, political, and economic landscape mean that companies must constantly listen and respond to customer sentiment, needs and preferences or risk becoming irrelevant. While this is a more common practice for customer service and retention programs, fewer companies take this approach when advertising to prospective customers.  This is why you might be repeatedly bombarded with the same ad for a product that you don’t need or want (or can’t use thanks to the ongoing pandemic). It’s a poor brand experience that can be easily fixed.

From our inception, ViralGains has put the customer’s voice at the center of advertising strategy.  Our Engagement Experiences enable our clients to transform their video ads into interactive units that ask customers questions or prompt them to take action based on specific areas of interest. This creates a better brand experience for the customer because the next ad they see from the brand will be based on their preferences or sentiment. 

We’ve seen the positive impact this approach has had on our clients’ strategy, especially throughout the pandemic, an upcoming election, and economic uncertainty. We evaluated the campaigns of four of our clients, in very different industries, to take a deeper look at how utilizing our services has allowed them to gather valuable first party customer insight, while also increasing their ad effectiveness.

Some highlights from the case studies below include: 

  • A U.S. military branch saw a 51% increase in enlistment consideration shortly after the pandemic caused lockdowns in the U.S.
  • A large investment management platform saw consumer confidence in their personal investment strategy decrease by 16% in Feb-April 2020 compared to the 2019 average.
  • Online conversions doubled for a supermarket pharmacy that served as a one-stop-shop for consumers trying to limit store visits due to the pandemic
  • Once the pandemic caused lockdowns, a luxury retail brand shifted to a “Stay at Home” shoppable video ad, which drove an 8.3% lift in shopping intent compared to the control group – more than twice as much lift as their original video ads

As things continue to fluctuate, advertisers should look for ways to use their budget more effectively. Our Engagement Experiences provide a huge benefit to advertisers, not only during this uncertain time, but also long-term as they help their companies navigate broader strategy in the year ahead.

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