Driving Brand Awareness and Consideration: An Assisted Living Industry Case Study

A national senior living community wanted to increase awareness and consideration among their two target audiences—potential residents and their influencers.

Using ViralGains’ technology, they distributed three different videos to both of their target audiences, each with an Engagement Experience measuring viewer consideration.

ViralGains optimized the campaign based on real-time feedback from viewers driving a 41% lift in consideration vs. control. By using our interactive Engagement Experiences, the client was able to collect declared feedback from their audiences and garnered 31 thousand survey responses or a 2.5% response rate. The campaign also drove 20 thousand clicks or a 1.3% CTR to the website, allowing those audiences interested in learning more to do so.

By driving high-consideration audiences to the site, ViralGains shed light on those that were further along in the customer journey and created a more refined audience pool for retargeting. With the ViralGains Audience Insights Report, the brand learned more about their most engaged viewers which allowed them to refine future messaging by highlighting those attributes that reflected their audience’s interests such as cooking, pets, dating, and art.

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About Victoria Bishara de Leon

Victoria is Senior Marketing Manager at ViralGains.

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