Two-Way Conversations & the Voice of the Consumer

If you’re buying media, you’re likely doing it in one of two ways: directly from publishers or programmatically. These methods, although long practiced, might not deliver on the true potential of your media buys if you’re not leveraging the right data and insights.

With publisher-direct buys, marketers ensure they’re reaching their audiences on premium inventory. This method—although a great way to reach target consumers—offers limited reach as marketers work within a smaller supply of inventory. Social platforms, although not traditionally thought of as publishers, increasingly operate as such and do not provide marketers with the necessary data to retarget audiences outside of their walled gardens. While this approach may provide added control, it can be limiting and may splinter targeting efforts.

Marketers that choose to buy media programmatically do so to achieve greater reach, speed, and efficiency. Because programmatic focuses on optimizing campaigns at the impression level, it is not uncommon for marketers to focus heavily on top-line metrics as proxies for campaign success. Concerns around impressions, like if a video impression is 50 percent in view for at least 2-seconds—although important—can easily eclipse concerns of whether or not a campaign was effective in driving brand love or if it resonated with your target audience, for instance.

These distribution methods have proved to be efficient, but have they proved to be effective? It’s hard to know if you’re not collecting real-time insights that articulate advertising impact on your bottom-line. However, you can start driving greater advertising effectiveness today and understand the advertising impact on business outcomes by incorporating the voice of the consumer across your digital media portfolio.

At ViralGains we believe in the power of two-way conversations which is why we offer high-impact video distribution options, that enable marketers to capture first-party data via customizable and interactive post-view experiences. You can customize your engagement experience to drive KPIs that align with your business outcomes and shed light on consumer preferences and behaviors.

ViralGains’ Engagement Experiences offer added branding and earned media opportunities.
ViralGains Engagement Experience – Product Explorer

Unlike the walled gardens, ViralGains allows you to access real-time reporting and consumer insights—sentiment, consideration, and preferences—that you can then leverage across other channels and platforms. Armed with this intelligence, you can create more precise, targeted campaigns and inform your subsequent interaction with interested and engaged consumers via DMPs and social platforms.

By capturing and measuring declared feedback, you can optimize your campaigns based on consumer sentiment to drive more relevant and impactful ad journeys. By understanding how audiences feel about your brand, product or services, you can actively move individuals through the funnel with messaging and creative that speaks to where they are in their journey. These strategies can help you make more out of your digital distribution platform—and ultimately drive business outcomes.  

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