Driving Qualified Small Business Prospects: A Financial Services Case Study

Financial service brands are projected to spend over $15 billion on digital advertising this year, according to eMarketer. With so much money on the line, it’s important that financial service marketers ensure they’re driving engagement and action via their digital placements. Check out how ViralGains can help you make the most of your digital investments with our case study below!

An American Financial Services company set out to attract small business owners with online video ads. Their video campaign aimed to drive SMB owners to make an online appointment with one of their representatives.

The company partnered with ViralGains and leveraged our unique solutions to work toward their goal. With help from our team of Brand Strategists, the financial brand developed a Custom Image Engagement Experience that would drive interested small business owners to their website to learn more and make an appointment with a representative. 

ViralGains’ Custom Image Engagement Experience appeared after the video and drove viewers to a dedicated landing page.

ViralGains optimized the campaign to find and drive interested small business owners to the site. As a result, ViralGains drove over 11,800 target consumers to the landing page. They proved to be the most engaged consumers because the campaign achieved a 450 percent higher landing page engagement rate than the average of the other partners on the media plan, with the “Make an Appointment” engagement rate coming in at a whopping 515 percent higher than partner average.

But success didn’t stop there. ViralGains helped uncover the financial company’s most engaged audiences:

  • 20-something professionals living in large metro areas with no kids
  • Wealthy older individuals with extra income for financial services
  • Individuals that work in non-profit organizations, medicine, start-ups, engineering, and real estate, to name a few

These valuable audience insights can be used to inform subsequent creative, targeting and messaging for future ad campaigns.

By leveraging the ViralGains platform, the Financial Company drove qualified target consumers to request their services, successfully growing their client base.

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