2019 Predictions from CEO, Tod Loofbourrow

With 2018 coming to a close, our CEO, Tod Loofbourrow, took some time to contemplate what the future holds for digital advertising. Read on to find out what he sees on the horizon.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence hit the collective consciousness of the advertising industry bigtime in 2018.  But its applications in advertising and marketing are really only beginning. The industry is enthusiastically adopting AI into its tech stack and will only continue to improve its understanding and application of the technology.

2019 will mark a turning point in the sophistication and business results of AI.  Implementation will be an uphill battle, as organizations across the globe will struggle to identify the right data to fuel their AI and suitable metrics to measure business success.  It will be a year of massive experimentation, massive successes, but also highly visible failures.

Brand Purpose

Today’s consumer wants to know what their favorite brands stand for—and brands are more than happy to oblige. Brand purpose will be a major driver for consumer engagement and will influence the way advertisers seek out and connect with their target audiences in 2019. Savvy brands recognize that placing their brand purpose at the forefront of their advertising efforts can fortify brand-to-consumer connections and build loyalty amongst those with shared values.

Brand Health & Consumer Journey Mapping

Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer indicated that American consumers lack trust in businesses and media, underlining the need for advertisers to monitor their brand’s health. The industry will respond by not only improving and adopting analytics tools that allow marketers to regularly get a pulse on their brand health, but by also enabling brands to understand where audiences are in their consumer journey.

Advertising technologies will evolve to give brands more control over their interactions with consumers. Platforms will provide an almost surgical approach to audience segmentation and personalized engagements, allowing brands to create relevant experiences for consumers based on their individual preferences, attitudes, and behaviors. These developments will allow brands to map out and design responsive consumer journeys that drive greater efficiency and impact than ever before.

Check back in 2019 to learn more about advancements in digital video advertising and changes to the industry from the experts at ViralGains.

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