ViralGains’ 2024 Ins and Outs: Goodbye Cookies, Hello Zero-Party Data 👋

2023 has been a year! In the tapestry of 2023, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift as AI technology, like ChatGPT, poised the industry for a new era of innovation and possibilities for advertisers. And yet here we are, one month into 2024, astounded at how swiftly January is already coming to a close!

In the spirit of embracing the future, we are excited to present a meticulously crafted compilation—a roadmap, if you will, of our ins and outs of 2024. This comprehensive list not only forecasts the imminent trends destined to shape the industry in the coming year, but also pays homage to the trends gracefully making their exit. 


  • Unlocking the power of zero-party data in digital ad campaigns
  • Harnessing the power of AI in advertising
  • Engaging with potential consumers through interactive and immersive ads
  • Empowering your employees to embrace the freedom of remote work
  • Expanding your expertise through industry newsletter subscriptions
  • Privacy-centric advertising strategies


  • Over reliance on third-party cookies
  • Intrusive or creepy advertising tactics
  • Static and non-personalized ads
  • Generic mass marketing approaches
  • Overlooking the impact of ad fatigue
  • Ad content with which consumers can’t engage


If you’re looking for a way to apply a zero-party data strategy to your digital advertising campaign, reach out to us at for a free proposal.

About Chloe Scopa

Chloe is the Marketing Associate at ViralGains, where she is responsible for supporting the company's marketing, social media, and advertising initiatives.

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