Adding a Little Bit of ✨Spice✨ to Your Favorite Super Bowl Advertisements

Ah yes, the Super Bowl. An annual affair where sports lovers gather around coffee tables filled with wings and buffalo chicken dip, and us advertisers seemingly do the same. Yet what makes us different is we may (or may not) favor the high budget commercials and halftime show more than the big game itself. Let’s face it, the Super Bowl is also advertising’s Super Bowl. It’s an evening where our favorite campaigns hit the stage, making an iconic impact on the industry and viewers across the nation.

After debriefing our thoughts, feelings, and initial reactions with our team, we compiled a few of our favorite Super Bowl LVII advertisements this season. We then added a little bit of ✨spice✨ to the mix to show how these brands could make the most of their Super Bowl campaign budgets. By adding our Likert survey to their post-game digital ad campaigns, these brands could collect invaluable zero party data about consumers at the peak of their attention. 

Tubi: Gauging Consumer Intent

It’s no secret that Tubi had every viewer in the room pointing fingers, wondering who the culprit was for sitting on their remotes. The streaming service’s 15 second ad campaign prank shook the internet, and industry as well. Let’s see how our Likert survey could help this advertiser understand consumers’ intent to try their streaming service through follow-up digital ads the week after the Super Bowl.

Dunkin’: Understanding Program Familiarity

As a Boston based company, we loved seeing a bit of home on the big screen this Super Bowl. Let’s see how our Likert survey could help this advertiser gauge consumers’ familiarity with the Dunkin’ reward program in post-game digital advertising campaigns.

Bud Light: Assessing Brand Perception

Bud Light served us with a humorous 60s creative starring Miles & Keleigh Teller that made the experience of being on hold seem just a bit more bearable. Take a look at how this advertiser could utilize ViralGains’ Likert survey to tap into consumers’ brand perception of the Bud Light brand after seeing their Super Bowl ad.

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