Introducing ViralGains Dynamic Interactions

Transform video and display ads into two-way conversations.

Your ads should be doing more than talking AT an audience. They should also be asking for their input and responding with ads more suited to that person.

ViralGains enables marketers to capture the voice of the customer via their ads, in order to gain voluntary insight from consumers and create more relevant brand experiences for customers.  This strategy has proven to

  • Boost brand trust by 2.3X
  • Double website visits
  • Reduce wasted ad spend by 59%

A Consumer-First Approach to Advertising

This empowers marketers to take a privacy-friendly approach, in the midst of a changing industry, while also creating a better customer experience for the viewer. With 66% of customers expecting companies to understand their needs and expectations, brands are missing out in big ways if not applying these strategies. 

How it works

Use ViralGains to customize the ad experience with interactive elements, such as surveys, product explorer cards, hotspots and more. Apply decisioning to each element with a simple drag and drop interface to make the ad interactions dynamic. The choices the customer makes will determine future interactive elements within the ad.

Interested in seeing it in action? Check out the video and display samples we’ve created for your viewing pleasure below! 


Want to see how we can apply this to your upcoming ad campaigns? Just reach out to us at and we’ll set you up with a Brand Strategist!