Launch Ad Journey

Auto Brand: a case study on driving interest and action around a major event

Launch Ad Journey

Drive a surge in interest and buzz before an event, show, or product launch.


How It Works

Pre-Launch: Drive a surge in interest & buzz before an event, show or product launch. 

Launch: Retarget interested consumers with more information as it unfolds in an effort to educate.

Post-Launch: Activate qualified consumers post-launch by encouraging tune-in or driving trial, visits or sales.

The Campaign - Launching the Number One Super Bowl Ad

Challenge: Never in Super Bowl history had an auto company snared the #1 slot for most watched ad.

A global automotive company and its agency created four spots for the Super Bowl leveraging celebrity and humor with the goal of achieving most watched ad.

Solution: To drive action, the brand used the ViralGains platform to distribute the videos in relevant and highly engaging placements in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

After the spot, viewers had the option to share, click-through to company’s landing page, or on game day, click-through to vote on USA Today’s Ad Meter.


Results: Buzz around the video surged prior to the big game, resulting in people talking about and sharing the funny ads from the auto company.  On game day, the Engagement Experience following the video encouraged people to vote for the ad, resulting in ViralGains driving 8 percent of all traffic to the USA Today Ad Meter, swaying the vote in the company’s favor.

The company won three of the top ten ads and was the first auto company in history to win #1 ad.

Best Practices for Building Brand Love

Launch prior to event to build up momentum, tune-in or attendance.

Use unique, compelling and exciting video to best connect with consumers.

Add a different engagement experience for each phase.

Retarget viewers with display ads tailored to their interest

Retarget viewers that completed your video with display and video ads that highlight other product features.

Recommended Engagement Experiences

Keep your customer engaged in the moment by providing choices on how to further interact with your message.

Video Explorer: Encourage viewers to watch more videos, turning paid media into earned media.


Product Explorer: Allow viewers to learn more by clicking through to products featured in the video.


Social Connector: Encourage viewers to share your message with pre-populated messages for each platform.


Rich Media: Use rich media to develop an interactive experience for viewers to further engage with your brand.