Educational Ad Journey

Pharma Brand: a case study on driving awareness among potential customers

Educational Brand Journey

Drive interest and education among qualified audiences. 

How It Works

Drive awareness and interest in your product or service among a qualified or niche audience.

Provide various methods of educating consumers on their terms.

Learn individual interests and retarget with tailored messages that provide a specific benefit to the potential customer. 

The Campaign

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company sought to drive awareness of their medication and educate new patients and caregivers on Type 2 Diabetes. 

Solution: ViralGains distributed the brand’s informative video about Type 2 Diabetes in contextually relevant environments. By using a ViralGains Survey Engagement Experience, the brand identified potential new patients and caregivers based on targeted, consumer-declared feedback. The survey was also used to help ViralGains drive qualified site traffic and key actions on the website.


By optimizing to the “Yes” responders, month-over-month campaign performance improved by 15 percent and cost per qualified visitor decreased by 12x , driving major efficiencies for the brand. The brand was able to then further educate qualified patients and caregivers with new content about the ways their medication can help with diabetes. 

  • 12x

    Reduction in Cost Per Qualified Visitor

  • 3.5%

    Qualified Click-Through Rate

  • 31.8K

    Total Survey Responses

Best Practices

Use video in early phases to best connect with and communicate your brand promise to consumers.

Run a display survey to measure category interest or fit. Retarget high-interest respondents with a video ad. 

Add a branded engagement experience to provide more information about the product or service. Assign relevant landing pages  to each call-to-action to improve qualified leads and reduce bounce rates.

Retarget viewers that clicked on the engagement experience with display ads tailored to their interest.

Retarget viewers that completed your video with branded display and video ads for the same product that feature other attributes and unique value of that product.


Recommended Engagement Experiences

Video Explorer: Encourage viewers to watch more videos, turning paid media into earned media.


Product Explorer: Allow viewers to learn more by clicking through to products featured in the video.


Likert Survey: Qualify consumers and/or understand how viewers feel about your product.


Qualifying Survey: Qualify consumers or understand which product feature or benefit consumers value most.