Persuasive Ad Journey

A study on improving brand perception

Persuasive Ad Journey

Improve low brand perception/crisis management.

How It Works

Identify consumers with low brand favorability or trust.

Make a strong case through ads to earn their business or win it back.

Continuously measure the impact that different ads or messages have on favorability or trust.

The Campaign

Challenge: IPG wanted to measure lift in brand perception across four brands within specific verticals—Finance, QSR, CPG, Travel—to understand how consumers felt about each brand after being served a series of sequential ads.

Approach: IPG tested two different types of ads across four brands. They used two different types of ad journeys

1) Sentiment Driven Ad Journey: They used the ViralGains Likert Survey to gauge brand sentiment and created two segments of audiences based on a response—viewers with positive sentiment and viewers with negative sentiment toward the brand. Then, IPG retargeted those two audience groups with different ads based on how they felt about the brand. For example, people with positive sentiment received an ad encouraging them to take action while people with negative sentiment received an ad highlighting the brand’s corporate responsibility efforts.

2) Exposure Driven Ad Journey: IPG compared ViralGains technology to the typical way people serve sequential ads today—based on impressions or exposure to the ad, with no regard for how the person feels.


Results: When looking at people that initially identified as having negative brand sentiment, the sentiment driven ad journey—which leveraged ViralGains technology—drove an absolute lift of 18 percent in favorability (or 300 percent in relative lift) and 16 percent lift in brand trust over the control (or 123 percent in relative lift).

The non-optimized, exposure-only journey only drove a 4 percent lift in favorability and 3 percent lift in brand trust.

With sentiment driven journeys, brands can sway customers with negative brand perceptions by leveraging the appropriate ad. This may require some testing, but feel-good, corporate responsibility ads may help.

Best Practices

Use video throughout the journey—sight, sound, and motion will best convince customers to consider your brand.

Add a ViralGains Likert Survey Engagement Experience to gauge brand sentiment.

Retarget audiences with low sentiment with different messages like a corporate responsibility ad or educational videos.

Continuously measure sentiment after each video ad to determine which one is working best.

Recommended Engagement Experiences

Identify consumers with low brand sentiment and earn their business with a series of compelling ads tailored to their interests.

Likert Survey: Understand how viewers feel about your brand, product or service. Identify people with low sentiment and use this to gauge brand lift.


Video Explorer: Encourage viewers to watch more videos, turning paid media into earned media.


Product Explorer: Allow viewers to learn more by clicking through to read more about the content in the video.