Food & Beverage Brand: Retail Success Story

Achieving brand awareness with ViralGains.

Campaign Overview

Hoping to position its product as a part of everyday health, the company aimed to generate reach and awareness from a broad consumer audience through its video campaign. The brand used ViralGains’ smart targeting capabilities to distribute videos across food & beverage, health & fitness, and lifestyle & sports sites and helped this brand achieve maximum reach from its humorous campaign.

The Campaign

The company used the Video Explorer Engagement Card to show additional content in a video carousel at the end of each video. This helped the client earn additional views and turn paid media into earned media. The brand tailored the experience to the buyer journey by serving awareness- focused videos to a broader audience and promoting branded videos through the cards.

Campaign Results

With ViralGains, the client achieved 757,513 30s views and a 97.13% completion rate.

5.32% of the viewers who were exposed to a Video Explorer Engagement Card chose to watch another video. Viewers who watched two or more videos showed stronger engagement overall with 16.86% higher CTRs and 16% higher share rates.

With Video Explorer Engagement Cards, the company made the most of great creative, achieved deeper audience engagement, and got incremental value through earned media on top of paid media investments.

  • 5.32%

    Earned media watched 2+ videos

  • 11.34%

    Click-through rate

  • 97.13%

    Completion rate :30 second video