Shopping Ad Journey

Education Brand: a case study on increasing enrollment

Shopping Ad Journey

Acquire new customers and/or drive sales.

How It Works

Maximize the moment you truly connect with a potential customer & make it easy for them to shop your brand.

Separate Weed out any viewers that aren’t a good fit for your brand, product or service and focus on real prospects.

Segment Create audiences based on sentiment and retarget them with different ads that drive to shop.

The Campaign

Challenge: A leading education brand sought to drive qualified visitors to their website in an effort to increase enrollment.

Solution: The brand developed a compelling video to drive awareness of their programs and tested it with multiple video distribution partners. ViralGains A/B tested several engagement experiences to see which drove the lowest cost per quality visit.

Results: By optimizing to voluntary signals from viewers, ViralGains significantly outperformed every single partner across all brand KPIs.

ViralGains Drove

  • $23

    Cost Per Quality Visit

  • 4.28%

    Average CTR

  • 24x

    Lift In Qualified Visitor Rate

Campaign Results – Other Partners Compared to ViralGains

Best Practices for Engaging Shoppers

Use video in early phases to best connect with and communicate your brand promise to consumers.

Run a display survey to measure brand/category interest. Retarget high interest respondents with video ads simultaneously.

Add a shopping engagement experience to your video to drive immediate action.

Gauge intent and retarget 2-4 star intenders with ads that entice trial or offers. Retarget high intenders with loyalty messages or incentives.

Retarget viewers that completed your video with another video ad that highlights a different brand value. Add a series of display ads with a strong call to action.


Recommended Engagement Experiences

Drive viewers to the next phase of shopping whether it be online, in-store or sign-ups.


Intent Survey: Gauge viewer purchase intent and activate consumers that are more likely to become customers.


Traffic Driver: Drive your audience directly to your landing page with promotions or other call-to-actions.


Lead Capture: Capture leads directly from our video player to use in follow up campaigns.


Store Locator: Help viewers find you in person. Our map shows your closest locations based on current location.