Conquest Ad Journey

CPG Brand: a case study on driving purchase intent among non-loyalists

Conquest Ad Journey

Increase market share by earning customers away from your competitors.

How It Works

Gather feedback from your audience about how they view your brand.

Identify loyalists and potential switchers – consumers likely shopping other brands. Focus on earning business from switchers by discovering their needs, wants, and values.

Convert loyalists into advocates with a series of interesting content they may share with their networks.

The Campaign

Challenge: A major CPG brand wanted to increase consideration of their paper towels among switchers (non-loyalists).

Solution: The CPG company, “STRONG” developed a series of emotional videos that featured real women who embodied the values of the brand (strong, industry pioneers) for International Women’s Day. ViralGains distributed these videos among their target audience in two phases:


Phase 1: The brand used a ViralGains Likert Survey to gauge loyalty and segment switchers.

Phase 2: They then retargeted switchers with specific content in an effort to drive consideration. Once again, they used a ViralGains Sentiment Survey to gauge intent in order to measure lift.

Results: The brand measured a 60 percent lift in likelihood to purchase among Switchers, a 144 percent reduction in unlikelihood to purchase, and a 25 percent increase in CTR.

  • 60%

    Likelihood to Purchase Amongst Switchers

  • 144%

    Reduction in Unlikelihood to Purchase

  • 25%

    25% Increase in CTR

Best Practices

Use video in early phases to best connect with and communicate your brand promise to consumers.

Add a survey engagement experience to identify loyalists and switchers.

Retarget switchers with compelling, emotional content that drives favorability and trust in the brand. Use a survey engagement experience to measure lift in favorability vs. a control group to see which ads are most effective.

Retarget loyalists with messaging to reinforce their feelings for the brand or interesting content that they may want to share with others.

Retarget viewers that completed your video with another video ad that highlights a different brand value and a series of display ads with a strong call to action.

Recommended Engagement Experiences for Conquest


Favorability Survey: Understand how viewers feel about your brand, identify switchers, find more fans and activate loyalists.


Intent Survey: Gauge viewer purchase intent and activate consumers that are more likely to become customers.


Video/Product Explorer: Encourage viewers to watch more videos or visit landing pages that highlight different values of your brand.


Association Survey: Understand if viewers associate your brand, product or service with a desired quality or feature.