CPG Brand: Success Story

Segmenting audiences and influencing purchase intent

Campaign overview - phase one

The brand ran a control campaign of its desired audience who had not been exposed to the International Women’s Day campaign. After the control ad, the brand asked the viewers’ likeliness to purchase using a Survey Engagement Card.

Customer Survey purchase intent

Next, ViralGains ran the International Women’s Day ads for the brand’s target audience and asked the same purchase intent question. Simply based on exposure to the ad, the advertiser saw a significant improvement across key metrics compared to the baseline — including purchase intent.

In addition, ViralGains segmented the audience into categories for High Intenders, or “Loyalists” and Low Intenders or “Switchers” by asking their likelihood to purchase.
We then PAUSED the campaign to do an analysis on these audiences, and learn how to reach more Loyalists and potentially convert Switchers.


Using the insights, ViralGains resumed the campaign to target different types of media. For example, we discovered that a lot of Switchers are pet owners. We targeted pet sites to the content mix, and it paid off.

brand survey purchase intent lift

The resulting performance yielded a higher level of purchase intent compared to the other video advertising vendors who participated in the campaign.