Brand Love Ad Journey

Auto Brand: a case study on building brand love and driving brand lift

Brand Love Ad Journey

Increase loyalty, repeat purchase, and brand or product advocacy.

How It Works

Discover brand loyalists.

Convert consumers into fans by enabling them to choose more content that interests them.

Engage your fans with new content tailored to their expressed interest or needs.

Encourage advocacy by making it easy to share content.

The Campaign

Challenge: A major auto brand wanted to drive awareness, favorability and consideration for their new line of cars.

Solution: The brand used ViralGains’ Product Explorer engagement experience to educate viewers by driving customers to landing pages relevant to their declared interest. As viewers interacted with the ad, ViralGains used those signals to optimize distribution in order to drive unparalleled performance at scale and retarget engaged viewers with more tailored ads.

Results: By optimizing to voluntary signals from viewers, ViralGains significantly outperformed every single partner across all brand KPIs.

ViralGains Drove

  • 29.4%

    Lift in Unaided Awareness

  • 18.2%

    Lift In Brand Favorability

  • 12.4%

    Lift in Purchase Intent

Best Practices for Building Brand Love

Use video in early phases to best connect with consumers.

Add a brand engagement experience to encourage interaction with brand content and assign landing pages that are relevant to each call-to-action to improve qualified leads and reduce bounce rates.

Retarget viewers that clicked on the engagement experience with display ads tailored to their interest.

Retarget viewers that completed your video with branded display and video ads for the same product which feature other attributes and values of the product.

Recommended Engagement Experiences for Brand Love

Keep your customer engaged in the moment by providing choices on how to further interact with your message.


Likert Survey: Understand how viewers feel about your brand, find more fans and activate loyalists.


Video Explorer: Encourage viewers to watch more videos, turning paid media into earned media.


Product Explorer: Allow viewers to learn more by clicking through to products featured in the video.


Social Connector: Encourage viewers to share your message with pre-populated messages for each platform.