Ask the Experts: How Can Marketers Use Video Throughout the Buyer Journey?

We interviewed our panelists on all things digital advertising and we’re sharing it with you here on the blog. Click through to our previous interviews here, here, and here.

Video is often used as just an awareness tactic. But thanks to more advanced technology, the data gathering and targeting capabilities in digital advertising have provided the opportunity for more sophisticated campaigns.

What does this mean? Gone are the days of the annual campaign. Now, brands can create a variety of content that engages users based on their position in the buyer journey. This opens the door for marketers to use video to go beyond just awareness and also drive intent, consideration, and even direct sales.

For example, brands can collect purchase intent data with a ViralGains Survey Engagement Card and deliver custom experiences based on user responses. An airline could exclude 1-3 star raters from the campaign and send 4-5 star raters — purchase intenders — to a mobile app where they can shop for flights. Using this strategy, the brand would target advertising spend on viewers who are serious about shopping with the brand and avoid investing additional money marketing to consumers who are not.


When we asked our experts how they used video throughout the buyer journey, they brought up a number of interesting pieces of advice. First, they noted the importance of having access to the right customer data to enable personalization and measurement in campaigns. Second, several of the experts described how a variety of video lengths and targeting strategies could be used in a video ad journey. For example, shorter videos distributed broadly are great for discovery, while longer content worked especially well at the mid-funnel to drive consideration and intent — especially for more complicated products that required an explanation or high-ticket items.

Check out the interviews below to see what our experts had to say:

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