Ask the Experts: How Can Brands Make Sure Their Ads Show Up in Brand Safe Environments


We interviewed our panelists on all things digital advertising and we’re sharing it with you here on the blog. Click through to our previous interviews here, here, here, and here.

With recent reports of advertisements appearing alongside less-than-flattering content, brand safety concerns have been a hot topic in the digital advertising world. Brands are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They want to be where their consumers are, but they’ve also become increasingly aware of the risks they take when advertising in environments driven by user-generated content.

Although both Google and Facebook have responded to concerns about brand safety, advertisers are beginning to realize they have alternatives.

Despite reports of a duopoly — that Facebook and Youtube capture 97% or more of digital advertising spend — further analysis shows that only about 24% of consumer time is spent on those platforms. This is good news for marketers who are frustrated by these digital behemoths as it proves they don’t have to sacrifice reach for peace of mind.

Watch the videos below to get their take on this topic:


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