Ask the Experts: What Have You Learned From Two-Way Conversations With Customers?


We interviewed our panelists on all things digital advertising and we’re sharing it with you here on the blog. Click through to our previous post here.

Digital advertising provides better performance metrics and real-time campaign feedback from consumers. This has allowed marketers to be more nimble with how they approach video than ever before.

One way advertisers collect customer feedback is by using video to start a two-way conversation with viewers by placing surveys at the end of their content.

One example of this strategy is ViralGains’ Survey Engagement Cards. These end-screens pop up at the end of video ads and ask questions about purchase intent, brand sentiment, product preference, and more. Advertisers can apply learnings from these surveys to sequential messaging. Or, they can segment audiences based on survey responses and use that data to create Custom Audiences and Lookalikes for remarketing.

Survey engagement card asking user for opinion on Jeep

When we asked our experts how they tapped into consumer feedback for video advertising, we got a lot of great perspectives. For one, they said this customer feedback is a great gut-check on creative. After all, what seems like the “tagline of the year” in the boardroom may actually fall flat to the outside world.

They also noted that customer feedback helps create more personalized experiences, and you need to know your customer first in order to deliver those.

Lastly, we also learned that customer feedback has helped our experts see their brands in a new light. For example, one of our experts learned that for a sports brand, content around athletes’ stories had just as much of an impact on sales as product-focused material.

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