3 Digital Video Strategies to Consider This Holiday Season


The holiday season is the most important retail period of the year, representing as much as 30% of annual sales for retailers. Holiday sales have been on the rise in recent years, as sales holiday sales grew 4% last year. Online and mobile sales were huge factors in this upward trend, and advertisers reacted to consumer preferences by increasing investment in digital advertising. In fact, 2016 was the first year digital ad spend outpaced TV advertising. Much of this growth was driven by digital video.

To help you prepare for this holiday season, in this post we’ll walk through ways brands can get more out of their holiday video advertising campaigns and develop real connections with their consumers.

Incorporating Customer Feedback With Engagement Cards

Similar to broadcast, digital video lets brands use the power of sight, sound, and motion to convey advertising messages — but with more control and accountability. Digital video empowers brands to reach scale, target with precision, and mine data and insights that are deeply relevant and informative. It meets your needs across all types of campaign goals, from branding to promoting in-store sales events.

A lesser-known benefit of digital is that it provides the opportunity for marketers to start a two-way conversation with consumers. This interaction offers critical data for campaign optimization and for nurturing consumers through the purchase funnel. Interactive end cards, or Engagement Cards, can help facilitate this conversation. They allow consumers to give feedback through surveys, lead forms, share buttons, and other immersive experiences. We have found that Engagement Cards produce 44% more clicks than watching a video alone. Compelling content and thoughtfully placed Engagement Cards are a powerful combination that helps marketers derive more insights and value out of their video advertising.

3 Digital Video Strategies to Consider

1) Amplify your Video Content to Drive Awareness

Amplify your video content around key shopping events that are already generating buzz in the press and on social media. Whether it’s your brand in the news, or a general category that is getting a lot of attention, a targeted digital video campaign can help you gain more share of voice. Unlike TV, digital video creative can be adapted and changed quickly. In some cases, views can be increased during certain time periods to ensure heightened visibility.


  • Leverage Promotion of an Event – If your brand has a yearly sales or marketing event that generates a lot of attention, run a complementary video ad campaign at the same time.
  • Follow Gift-Buying Trends – Are personal electronics the must-have item of the year? Retailers should ensure their product mix includes the trends of the season and run a digital video campaign showcasing related deals.
  • Conquest Customers of Competing Brands – Are your competitors getting news or social media coverage? Mitigate the impact of their coverage by increasing advertising spend for your product at the same time. Often times, coverage of a specific product raises awareness for an entire category.


Real Client Example: A client used ViralGains to amplify brand awareness during the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. By launching a focused campaign in a short time frame, this brand was able to leverage coverage of the event to create even more presence for their brand. ViralGains optimized the campaign to completed views, yielding a 97% completion rate and .29% share rate for their video ads.

2) Segment Shoppers Based on Product Preference

ViralGains’ Product Selector Engagement Card provides more specific knowledge about what your viewer wants to purchase and allows you to segment audiences for future interaction, as well as overall business analytics.


  • Showcase the Right Merchandise to the Right Audience – Once viewers tell you what kinds of products they are most interested in, reward their feedback by providing more information and offers on their preferred products through retargeting, email, and even social media interaction.
  • Refine Merchandise Mix Based on Learnings – For retailers, this is an opportunity to start with a broad message and find out what viewers are most interested in purchasing. Combined with other trend analysis, this data could help provide insights into how and what to merchandise in retail and e-Commerce stores during the holiday season.


Real Client Example: A retail brand ran a general video ad campaign showcasing various product categories. At the end of the video, they asked viewers to choose the products that were of most interest. Then, the brand developed unique audience segments for remarketing.

3) Drive Brick-and-Mortar Sales through Digital Video

Targeted video ad campaigns can help retailers and other service providers to improve holiday in-store foot traffic. Using a trusted attribution partner, brands can determine the level of impact these advertisements have on their brick-and-mortar retail sales.


  • Drive Foot Traffic With an Engagement CardEngagement Cards can be tailored to host any type of interactive creative, including store locators and sign-up forms to help further guide viewers to attend retail events.
  • Provide Social Share Opportunities – Brand enthusiasts and social influencers can catapult your advertising efforts into earned media. Encourage viewers to share their interest in an event or store location. This word-of-mouth can not only give you great, authentic visibility online, but can also translate into more in-store foot traffic.


Real client example: A client used a 3rd-party attribution service to measure the effectiveness of ViralGains and other platforms in driving in-store visits. After running the campaign, ViralGains reported a 50% lower cost per visit than the client’s original goal, beating out all other video platforms running the same campaign.

Each of these holiday recommendations are strategies that range from awareness to purchase. However, brands cannot afford to think of campaigns in a silo. It is the combination of these strategies that successfully engages consumers throughout the entire buyer journey with great video content and ultimately achieves the goal of impacting sales.

In addition to better targeting opportunities through programmatic media buying, marketers can now use tools like Engagement Cards to create opportunities for interaction within their video ads, sparking two-way conversations that help them understand how to further engage their viewers and convert them into customers.

To achieve success with your holiday video campaigns, start early. Get to know your audience and collect data you can use throughout all of your holiday advertising activities. With this approach, your brand will not only be set up for a profitable holiday season, but also for successful campaigns throughout the year.

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