Our 2017 Video Advertising Predictions

Online video has exploded in popularity and effectiveness over the last few years. With the increase in live video streaming, innovative uses of 360 video and virtual reality, it’s no surprise that there’s going to be a lot of change in 2017 for the video marketing landscape. As online video continues to evolve it is important for brands to keep an eye on key trends and new developments to position themselves advantageously. To help you hit the ground running this year we asked our internal experts their top predictions for 2017.

Here are a few predictions from our internal experts on the topic of online video and marketing to keep in mind in order to make the most of 2017:

Dan Levin, President and COO:

This is a year where we’ll remember the simplicities of advertising, not the complexities. For the past few years, we thought about applying concepts like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and even thinking the features like VR and AR and how we are going to apply them to the programmatic realm of advertising. But what we’ve forgotten in the process is not the complexities of ad tech, it’s about driving the consumer, a brand’s potential customer, down a journey. I think in 2017, the industry will remember that it’s about driving them down that journey with the data that we have taken about a single individual from different fragmented platforms and combining them together to make a holistic and cohesive experience for that customer.

Safaa Lafnoune, Head of Ad Operations: 

My prediction for 2017 is that two-way conversations between brands and consumers through video will increase. Engagement will become the new currency. As a result, we can expect more development around predictive technology and algorithms that will enable engagement and real-time optimization.

Tod Loofbourrow, CEO:

We are seeing a major shift in digital media toward richer more authentic storytelling. Consumers are craving something that they can trust in a world where our newsfeeds and televisions are filled with fake news, spam, and even lies. The door has opened for great brands to re-emerge as storytellers. Brands, after all, are media companies that tell stories. They earn their trust by being authentic in their storytelling and by having a two-way conversation with consumers. We all know that video is the best storytelling medium ever invented. The combination of sight, sound and motion is a really powerful way to tell stories. The brands who embrace video at their core will emerge on top in 2017.

Glenn Kiladis, VP Product & Strategy:

Time & trust are becoming scarce commodities as it relates to digital experiences. From a consumer perspective, they are looking for trusted digital content they can interact with in a reasonable amount of time. Consumers will continue embracing mobile, which has driven attention span down. They will continue looking for cross-screen experiences where they can make a genuine and authentic connection with the content, as well as the brands that communicate through the medium of video advertising.

Brands will increasingly focus on the consumer journey in 2017. 78% of marketers agree that the customer journey will take center stage, with 46% of marketers using technology to map the customer journey. These marketers will continue to look for advertising and marketing technology platforms that will help them deliver a targeted brand message. They will leverage data, signals, and insights coming from these authentic connections to continue ushering the person along the journey with that brand.

This year, brands will double down on the power of video, but instead of focusing on dated ad-tech metrics such as impressions, views, clicks to superficially measure success, they will begin measuring and tracking deeper levels of engagement and business KPI’s that can demonstrate a ROAS (Return on Advertising Investment) and move a consumer to action.

To break through the clutter, creating video content for your brand is no longer an option, but a necessity. To stay ahead of the competition and make the most of 2017, it is important to be up to date with the 2017 trends and incorporate video into your marketing strategy. Check out our solutions to learn more!

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