Video Ad of The Week: SodaStream Parodies Game of Thrones “Shame” Scene

SodaStream is an Israeli drinks company that uses carbonation technology to transform still water to sparkling water in seconds. It also gives the flexibility to adjust the fizziness and flavor of the water according to personal taste. Besides the ease of turning water into sparkling, Soda Stream also has the aim to save the earth by its reusable bottles. In the fun Game of Thrones Parody SodaStream raises awareness to plastic waste.

The spot Shame or Glory features Game of Thrones Characters Septa Unella and Ser Gregor Clegane, AKA “The Mountain” in the real world. The hilarious 3-minute video parodies the GOT’s memorable walk of shame scene from season 5, in which Cersei Lannister is forced to walk nude through King’s Landing as Unella rings a bell behind her shouting, “Shame!”

In the SodaStream video, however, Unella torments a consumer at a supermarket for buying sparkling water in plastic bottles. As the guy makes his purchase and walks through the town he is followed by the bell-ringing, GoT character Septa Unella and gets shamed by the crowd. Finally he arrives on the set and delivers the bottles to The Mountain who asks: “Why are you stupid?… don’t you know you’re hurting Mother Earth?”.

SodaStream came to market in the soda category, primarily competing with other soda manufacturers.  With the declines in the American soda consumption, it was important for the brand reposition themselves to continue their growth. Therefore, SodaStream conducted several studies and found that people who own a SodaStream drink more water (and less soda). Another research made by SodaStream found that 49% of Aussies felt guilty for failing to recycle, and 56% have made no attempt to reduce their consumption of plastic in the first place.

The video Shame or Glory is a part of SodaStream’s repositioning strategy which aims to take attention to polluting plastic bottles by highlighting their carbonating reusable bottles.

Sodastream CEO Daniel Birnbaum says, “Our new video ‘Shame or Glory’ uses humor and surprise to challenge the epidemic use of plastic, single-serve bottles that are polluting our Earth,” in a statement.

Check out the video:

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