Video Ad of The Week: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrates 90th Anniversary

The most popular holiday parade in America, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is 90 years old. To celebrate the parade, Macy’s and BBH NY released the “Old Friends” ad. The heartwarming 90-second ad illustrates one man’s connection to the parade throughout his life.

The spot begins in 1920s Manhattan. A giant Santa Claus balloon winks down at a young boy as he is watching the parade with his parents. Through the years that follow, he continues to watch for the Santa float at every parade as he ages. Until one year the man doesn’t show up, and the balloon breaks free to search for the man who is now much older and sitting at home.

The spot, which will air on NBC during this year’s Parade, highlights the magical ability of parades to bring people together. In the words of Amy Kule, Group VP-Macy’s Parade and Entertainment group:

“Everyone you meet has a parade story, it’s intimate and emotional for them. The spot we created does tell that story and an individual story of how the parade is so meaningful to absolutely everyone who’s watched it.”

Check out the video:

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