Video Ad of The Week: Muscle Milk is Here To Help You With Your Training

Muscle Milk is among the most trusted and recognized sports nutrition brands in the U.S. Its new ad campaign promises to elevate everyday performance by providing premium protein products and helping people live and perform better. In the spot Lean On Me, Muscle Milk illustrates this message in a fun way.

In the Lean On Me spot, linebacker Clay Matthews personifies the brand Muscle Milk as he helps athletes perform better in a series of situations such as helping a women kill it on the tennis court and carrying a runner on his shoulders during a race. He does all of these while singing. According to Tommy Means, founder of the agency Mekanism, which developed the spot, the decision to have Matthews actually sing “Lean on Me” came from his impressive past crooning in the film Pitch Perfect 2. 

“The minute Clay started singing in the recording studio everybody was pretty blown away … He was so self-deprecating about the whole thing. The minute he started singing he sounded like a song bird.”

The Lean On Me videos are a part of the “Stronger Everyday” campaign where Muscle Milk celebrates performance and athleticism. At the beginning of the year, Muscle Milk launched a new brand and brought several new products to market, including smoothies made with Greek yogurt and organic options. It’s all part of an effort to attract a fresh, more mainstream customer base that includes women. Through more accessible branding, humorous ad content, and a greater variety in their product line, want to show that protein isn’t just about muscles and intense workouts. It’s an essential part of any diet.

The message ad wants to give us is when someone as athletic and strong as Clay Matthews isn’t around to help, you can lean on Muscle Milk to get you through your training.

Check out the video:

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