ViralGains Rocks at ThinkLA’s AdJam

On September 22nd, ViralGains sponsored one of LA’s most epic musical events – ThinkLA’s AdJam!  Once a year, the musical talent of LA’s premier agencies compete to win the coveted AdJam Axe. Over 1,500 executives from Southern California’s’ top agencies, brands and entertainment companies came to hear eight amazing bands rock.  ViralGains was the backstage sponsor so we had the pleasure of helping the bands prep and practice for the big show.  Here are a few highlights from the night:   

So let’s set the stage so to speak.  This is where the night started, and the calm before the storm.

AdJam 2016

As the backstage sponsor, we had a great time with the bands as they prepped for their sets.  We decorated their dressing rooms, stocked their fridges, and even helped them rehearse their lyrics. Once the bands were properly prepped, we made our way out into the venue to enjoy the show.  But not before posing in front of the custom VG step and repeat that was artfully positioned right before the bands went on stage, for a final paparazzi moment!

Viralgains at adjam 2016

During the show and between bands, fans raced to catch custom VG t-shirts thrown from the stage.  As you can see, they were a big hit!

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 3.03.23 PM

All eight bands were phenomenal, but only one could win the coveted AdJam Axe. That honor went to The Green Hot Chili Peppers (GreenLight Media Marketing) – Congratulations!

I’ll leave it with a snip from the AdJam wrap email the following day, who said it best:

“Seriously. What a turnout. Creatives, Execs, and even Accounting in sweet, sweet harmony for a night of ass-kicking, toe-tapping, jaw-dropping shreds.”

Thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to those who danced like nobody was watching!

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