Video Ad of The Week: Halloween Edition

Halloween is around the corner. Creepy decorations and carved pumpkins are everywhere, and so are spooky ads. This week we selected three recently released Halloween-themed ads for you.

State Farm: Scary Right – “Chase”

The video “Chase” features a woman who attempts to take a shortcut, but instead finds herself alone and afraid in the woods. She fears that someone is chasing her but instead of encountering a maniacal attacker, she find a welcomed surprise.  In this entertaining ad, State Farm shows us that they are there to help us, even in life’s scariest moments.


Atomic Candy- The Shed

Creepy killer clowns are making headlines recently.  Atomic Candy has leveraged this trend in their video, “The Shed” where a scary clown takes different approach to trick or treating.  He enters his backyard shed with a baseball bat and upon opening a shed door, we see his victim, a terrified pinata!  Warning: this ad may or may not motivate you to try Atomic Candy.


KitKat- Chase Break

Kitkat uses classic aspects of a horror movie for their new Halloween campaign. In the ad, we see a masked man chase after a screaming girl through the woods with a chainsaw. However, this story has a happy ending. The girl saves herself by offering him a KitKat bar!

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