Video Ad of The Week: Brawny Shows that Strength Has No Gender

When you think of the word ‘brawny’, what image comes to mind? If it’s a burly, bearded man in flannel and denim puffing out his chest with manly pride, you probably have Georgia Pacific’s Brawny Paper Towels to thank for that. Since 1974, their logo has embodied all of the qualities you look for in both a man and a paper towel: strong, reliable, durable, and cleans up all of your messes. The mustache was an added perk.

With their most recent campaign, however, Brawny is changing the image that is conjured when you think of the eponymous adjective, because, well, #strengthhasnogender. We meet several bold and empowering women –  a construction worker,  a firefighter as well as a doctor – all of whom have had to overcome prejudices in their professions due to their gender. In their perseverance to achieve success, we see that, mustache or not, strength truly has no gender.

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