Video Ad of The Week: The Evolution of iPhone Ads

Last week, Apple officially introduced the iPhone 7 to the world. Over the last ten years, Apple has created over 150 iPhone ads including product releases, how-to videos and feature descriptions. When you look back at their earliest videos, you can see just how much human behavior has changed thanks to this technology. So let’s take a look back at iPhone’s evolution based on their advertisements.


2007- Hello

Apple’s first ever iPhone ad, “Hello,” aired during the 2007 Oscars. The 30-second commercial shows 31 actors in different movie and TV scenes answering their ringing phones with “Hello?”, clueless as to who is on the other end of the line. The last image in the series is the iPhone ringing, with the name of the caller on the screen, eliminating the need to answer the phone with “Hello?”. The ad suggests that from this point forward, the way we communicate with one another will significantly change.


2010- Meet Her

Apple introduced iPhone 4 with narrative spots focused on their then new video calling feature, Facetime. The ads pulled at our heartstrings by sharing relatable and emotional life moments like a wife telling her husband that she is pregnant and a grandfather seeing his granddaughter for the first time.


2011 — Santa Claus

In this iPhone holiday spot, Santa Claus uses Siri to find his way on Christmas Eve. The ad is fun and nicely showcases Siri’s features and ability to assist the busiest man in the world.


2013- Photos every day

With the rise in popularity of social media sites like Instagram and the improvement of iPhone cameras, everybody became a photographer. This ad is a great illustration of how smartphones revolutionized photography and changed the way we capture life’s moments.


2014 -Parenthood

By 2014, smartphones started to play a role in almost all aspects of our lives. With faster speed and hundreds of useful apps, the iPhone made our lives more efficient, entertaining, and helped us solve everyday problems. This one minute video highlights the daily challenges that modern parents face. Every challenge can be solved by the iPhone 5s: teaching your kids how to brush their teeth, helping your son with homework from the road, finding the lost family dog and even checking your daughter’s temperature. There was not one instance in this video where a person used the phone to talk like they did in 2007’s “Hello” ad.


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