TD Ameritrade’s #LikeYou Campaign Measures High on Emotion

Connecting with consumers emotionally, yet authentically, is one of the most difficult tasks facing brands creating digital video content. Given how brand preferences are evolving, true resonance is essential in keeping these advertisers at the forefront. We are happy to present one of our valued clients, TD Ameritrade, as a company that continuously accomplishes the above, most recently with their #LikeYou campaign. In fact, this campaign was ranked as one of the most emotionally compelling Rio Olympic ads according to this Adweek article.

The ranking was determined by the emotion measurement firm Realeyes. In this study, Realeyes used machine learning and AI to track the movements of 49 key facial points on 4,500 people to understand what each person thought and felt. After test subjects watched dozens of Olympics ads, the data was then analyzed with an algorithm to understand which emotions were most prevalent. As a result, Realeyes identified 10 pieces of Olympics content that stood out from others in terms of emotional resonance.

In the #LikeYou Olympic campaign, TD Ameritrade teamed up with U.S. Olympians to support and mentor four athletes, who are striving to qualify for the 2020 Games in Tokyo. The videos feature the hard work and daily challenges that these four athletes face on their quest for gold. They are hoping to accomplish a major life goal, just #likeyou, or “us”, whether that be buying a home or sending kids to college.

Check out some videos from the campaign:

Missin to Medal

Two Hurdlers

Sylvie Binder

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