Video Ad of The Week: The Ultimate Vacation Home By Audi & Airbnb

Audi and Airbnb have teamed up to appeal to their audiences’ desire for extreme, unique life experiences. Imagine staying at an ultra modern house in the middle of the desert with unlimited access to drive a high-speed, luxury car through the sand. It sounds like a dream, but you can rent this fantasy on Airbnb by booking the luxury Rondolino Residence in Death Valley, Nevada, where guests get to drive a 2017 Audi R8 during their stay.

The 90-second video “Desolation,” created by Venables Bell & Partners,  is running online and also aired during the Emmys. It features a young family in a house in the middle of the desert one morning. The wife realizes they are out of coffee, and the husband gladly offers to go to the market for more. He gets to drive an Audi, after all. After driving at top speed through the desert, he arrives at a dilapidated market, but realizes that he left his wallet behind. As he turns to get back in his car, his wife pulls up in her red Audi with his wallet (which begs the question: who is watching their children, who were last seen playing with scorpions?).

This is a beautifully shot story that highlights three main characters: the unique destination, the stunning house and the fast cars. This video will appeal to anyone with a strong sense of adventure.   

Watch the video:

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