Engaging Millennials Part 4: Engage in a Two Way Conversation

One of the defining characteristics of many Millennials is that they want to feel included in the brand journey. According to research by Millennial Marketing, 40% want to participate in co-creation of products and brands and 70% feel a responsibility to share feedback with a company after a good or bad experience.

Brand advertisers have historically pushed ads out to audiences in the hopes that their message would stick. Much of online video advertising is still delivered in this manner (eg. pre-roll).   But consumer research, like that mentioned above, tells us that millennials value a two-way conversation.  We have collaborative technology, so why not give consumers the option to participate?  It helps the brand better understand potential customers and consumers feel like they are adding value by contributing feedback.

ViralGains offers Sentiment Surveys – consumer friendly questionnaires that are built into our video player. The response rates have been phenomenal – an average of 8% – proving that consumers are open to participation.

The questions can be customized so brands can ask viewers about what matters to their business.  We’ve seen brands use our surveys to measure:

  • Brand sentiment
  • Purchase intent
  • Product interest
  • Loyalty

Video Surveys

Video insight surveys

These surveys provide valuable insights for marketers because the responses help them make more informed decisions based on real-time consumer feedback.  These insights can contribute to better video distribution because we can optimize placements and video creative (A/B test) based on real consumer feelings like positive brand sentiment and high purchase intent.

Millennials are not only willing to participate, they value it.  So let’s start listening!

To see how our customers used our Sentiment Survey to better understand viewer sentiment and purchase intent check out these three case studies: Leading Motorcycle Company, Leading Energy Company, Major Financial Services Group

Interested in learning more about ViralGains Sentiment Surveys? Contact us at hello@viralgains.com

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