Case Study: How a Major Automotive Company Used Online Video To Drive Customers to their Service Center

Online video has become an incredibly valuable medium for automotive companies. Over half of all auto shoppers use online videos when shopping for a car¹ and advanced targeting capabilities allow auto brands to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

We recently worked with one of the world’s largest automotive companies on a video advertising campaign that completely surpassed expectations and demonstrated the power of video engagement.

The auto company sought to drive current customers to visit their local dealer to purchase parts and services.  Their agency produced three humorous videos that promoted the high quality of the company’s dealer services. The goal of these videos was two-fold:

  1. Generate awareness of their high quality service
  2. Drive interest and action among current customers   

The automotive brand found an ideal solution with ViralGains’ consumer-centric video distribution platform. Learn how ViralGains drove 25 thousand customers to the online service center and delivered a whopping 9.1% click-through rate.  Check out the case study here.

Source: ¹ Jumpstart Automotive Group Nov 2015

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