Video Ad of The Week: Allstate Insurance Touches On Risks of Home Sharing

Thanks to home-sharing platforms like Airbnb, short-term home rentals have surged in popularity. Renting out your place when you are away might seem like an easy way to make money, but it comes with major risks. This is why Allstate just launched HostAdvantageSM in five states , a new product that better protects policyholders renting out their homes for brief periods.

Allstate HostAdvantageSM was launched last week with a series of videos that demonstrate the importance of this new coverage through humorous storytelling. My favorite video, The Party, features a young couple who rent their house to an older couple. After giving away the keys, they momentarily panic after realizing they didn’t lock the china cabinet.They are quickly comforted when they think about the lovely, seemingly responsible older couple. The ad continues back at the house with a birthday party scene of epic proportions. When the couple returns, they find their home a mess.

Allstate reminds us that “Even the most charming guests can be unpredictable”.

Check out the videos here:

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