5 of Our Favorite Olympic Video Ads

The Rio Olympics officially began last week along with many inspiring video ads from brands across the globe. To celebrate the beginning of the Olympics, the ViralGains team selected their favorite Olympic-related videos.

Here is a look at the top five Olympic ads, according to VGers:

TD Ameritrade – Mission to Medal


CJ Carroll, Sales Development Rep

“I like the “A U.S. Olympian’s Mission to Medal” ad because it shows the day-to-day frustrations and small details that athletes focus on for hours and hours. They are not the glamorous parts of their training, but they are just as important, if not more so, to the athlete accomplishing their goals. Not many ads show these struggles. Most show the few short moments of victory, and leave out the thousands of times when they fail before they succeed. This ad does a great job to humanize Olympic athletes, so that people realize that they go through so many hours of grueling and tedious work on the road to becoming the best in the world at what they do.”

MINI USA- #DefyLabels

 Mashael Al-Saie, Graphic Design Intern

“Mini stands to defy stereotypes in their new ad. The ad seems poke fun at recent political debates while delivering an empowering message about achieving your dreams despite dialectical barriers. Being “black” or “muslim” or “immigrant” simply can not stand in the way of one’s success and determination.”

BBC Sports: Olympics 2016 on the BBC – The Greatest Show on Earth

Jia Niu, Marketing Analyst

“BBC’s video features animated amazon animals that limber up for the most multi-faceted sporting event of them all in a beautiful film designed to heighten our expectations.”

Under Armour- Rule Yourself

Kim Kunzler, Sales Development Rep

“Gymnastics has always been my favorite sport and one that I practiced for years. I love this Under Armour ad because it’s simple and reminds me of the long hours athletes put in behind the scenes, long before anyone is watching. I also like the ad’s “rule yourself” message — that everyone has control over their future.”

P&G- Thank you, Mom

Francesca Huynh, Ad Operations Associate

“P&G focuses on the significance of strength in multiple vignettes for “Thank You, Mom,” revealing the sacrifices mothers must make for their children in the Games and their everyday lives. When we watch the outstanding gymnast nail the final round or the swimmer touch the wall, we connect their abilities to perform under pressure with their mothers’ unshakable strength. I couldn’t help but feel the on-screen love and dedication it took to achieve those few moments of glory, and how much more brilliant they became with their mothers at their side.”

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