Video Ad of The Week: Samsung Highlights the Importance of Time

For most of us, time is the most valuable thing that we possess, but there just never seems to be enough of it. In its recently released “Time” spot, Samsung highlights the importance of time in a great way by showing just how precious it is to us, and how we always fear it’s running out.

The ad stars Danny Glover and takes us through different scenarios where time plays an important role, like trying to go through railroad crossing as the barrier comes down, waking up with the alarm clock, and escaping from a bomb that is ready to explode. In the end, it poses the viewer the question, “So, if time is most valuable thing there is, why would you waste more than you have to charging your phone?”

When I first started watching the ad, I wondered how they were going to ultimately build the connection between a phone and time, but what was great about the ad was its entertainment value; I didn’t have to know immediately, because I was just being entertained and loving it enough to continue watching to the end.

A smart approach by Samsung, and a great showcasing of one of the core advantages of the phone (its short charging time) by connecting it with consumers’ emotional connection to the value of their time. Hats off to Samsung, for winning our ad of the week!


What do you think? / Check out the video below.


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