Video Ad of The Week: Nike Gives Motivational Speech to Baby Athletes

As the Rio 2016 Olympics approaches, Nike launched a new campaign called “Unlimited Future.” to inspire consumers by celebrating the unlimited potential of athletes. In their latest spot, Nike combines three things people love to see in a video: Babies, Celebrities, and Sports.

The spot takes place in a nursery where baby versions of notable athletes including Serena Williams, LeBron James, Neymar Jr., Mo Farah and Zhou Qi receive a motivational speech from actor Bobby Cannavale. He starts his speech with the words “Listen up babies! Life’s not fair” . He goes on to explain that we don’t have control over our names or where we come from, but we do have a say in our future.

Nike’s message is clear “ Champions aren’t born. They are made.”

At the end of the video, they have a call-to-action that brings viewers to a Nike landing page where they can read stories about different athletes like this one for golf champion Rory McIlroy.

Watch the video here. What do you think?



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