Engaging Millennials Part 2: Making Video Sharing Easy

In part 1 of our series I wrote about the importance of using choice-based ad formats to start off on the right foot with millennials.

My next recommendation is about sharing. Shares are incredibly powerful engagement signals. Not only do they result in additional exposure, but most of the time it’s exposure with a personal endorsement.

Millennials are more likely to share content than older age groups so make it easy for them to share your video immediately and according to their preference, whether it be on a social network like Facebook or via dark social like text or email.

This point may seem obvious to seasoned media professionals, but too often I encounter video ads from major brands that don’t have visible share buttons or are embedded in players that make it difficult to share according to my preference.

The ViralGains player is a great example of a native video player that, not only makes it easy for viewers to share, but also encourages it. This helps advertisers earn consumer endorsements as added value.

Engaging Millennials ViralGains

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