Five Ways to Maximize the Effectiveness of Long Form Video Advertising

Brands like JetBlue and P&G are successfully engaging consumers online with longer form video. Powerful storytelling often requires more than 30 seconds, but in an age of short attention spans, what is the best way to ensure that these videos get discovered?

At ViralGains, we have a lot of experience with long form video. About half of the videos that we serve are longer than 90 seconds and we’ve driven strong completion rates and engagement rates for brand videos as long as ten minutes.

These five tactics help boost discovery and engagement:

1) Use Choice-Based Ad Formats: Choice-based video ads don’t interrupt a viewer trying to watch something else.  With choice-based formats, viewers watch an ad because it is native, inviting, and draws them in.  Advertisers benefit because they only pay for views from interested consumers. Interruptive ad formats like pre-roll and roll-over expandable ad units are disruptive, and not surprisingly, generate the lowest engagement.

2) Seek Native and Relevant Content:  Often marketers target ad placements based mainly on the demographic readership of the publisher. However, contextual alignment is also important if you want consumers to invest their time in watching your ad. I’d be far more likely to click-to-play and watch a two minute ad about a hot new car if I was reading an article about what to look for in a car.

3) Make an Emotional Connection Early: In our experience, the most successful long form video ads make an emotional connection in the first five seconds. If you take too long to pique interest, viewers will move on.  For example, we saw one ad that showed a person typing for the first nine seconds which resulted in a massive drop in viewership by the ten second mark. When I watched the full ad, I was teary-eyed at the end. It was a powerful story, but it took too long to connect with viewers at the beginning.

4) Facilitate Video Sharing in the Ad Unit:  Shares are powerful endorsements from your audience and increase discoverability. Make sure you are using a video player that makes it easy for viewers to share content directly from the ad unit.

Long Form Video

ViralGains drove over 1 million views for this 2:53 minute video with a click-through rate of over 10%.

5) Optimize for Engagement:  Often times marketers optimize for price or impressions. Instead, optimize for viewer engagement, prioritizing placements that result in high completions, clicks, and shares.

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