ViralGains On the Go: Cannes

I’m writing from sunny Cannes, France where the global advertising community has gathered to celebrate creativity, network and exchange ideas on innovation in our ever-changing industry.

I’m thrilled to be representing ViralGains at the Unilever Foundry 50 Innovation Hub, where we are demonstrating our novel approach to video ad distribution.  We’ve been here for two and half days and here are a few of my first impressions:

1) My very first impression is that Cannes is beautiful! Check out this view:

 Cannes France

2) Unilever Foundry has been incredible. We have met amazing people from around the world and are feeling very inspired.   The Unilever Foundry team have been incredibly gracious hosts, connectors and colleagues.

Cindy Brown, presenting to UnileverFoundry50- The ViralGains demo station

  The ViralGains demo station.

3) Four of the fifty global start-ups selected by Unilever Foundry are from Boston. The Foundry selected winners from a pool of over 4,500 applicants from around the world so I’m thrilled to see so much representation from our city.

4) We have reconnected with old colleagues, friends, clients and partners. An hour does not go by when we do run into someone.

With the Crowdly and Maverick team

With the Crowdly and Maverick team

5) The content has been great. When we are not presenting at the Foundry 50, we have been attending sessions and learning a lot. My favorite sessions so far were Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop, Facebook’s Mobile Creative, MEC’s #MyCannesDNA visual art piece, which unlocks the data behind game-changing creativity.

MEC’s #MyCannesDNAMEC’s #MyCannesDNA

MEC’s #MyCannesDNA
Come see us tomorrow, Thursday June 23rd,  at the Unilever Cabana!

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