Video Ad of The Week: Lufthansa’s Euro 2016 Ad Takes Aim at England

The Euro 2016 is one week away and the battle of ads has already started. Global brands have developed soccer themed ads to generate publicity through this event, which is going to be in the world spotlight for the next month. Admittedly, I am not a big soccer fan but I enjoy watching brands fuel the tension, excitement and emotion of soccer fans with their ad campaigns. My favorite Euro 2016 ad is from the German airline, Lufthansa. The video begins with two England fans discovering that their flight to the tournament has been changed to Lufthansa. One of the English men exclaims, with concern: “We’re flying with the Germans?” and imagines a flight that is a little too German for his taste, complete with sauerkraut, cuckoo-clocks and video footage of England’s team being defeated in past tournaments. Of course, the man snaps out of his daydream to discover a clean and comfortable flight. However, Lufthansa pokes fun at England when a German child mocks the English traveler by waving four fingers, reminding him of Germany’s four World Cup wins. I love the healthy dose of competition and thought this was a clever ad that leveraged the well-known rivalry between England and Germany. Perhaps we’ll see a response from a British airline this week? Check out the Lufthansa video below.

Here are some other Euro 2016 Ads:


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