Video Ad of The Week: Dove Empowers Women to Define Beauty in Their Own Terms

Once upon a time, there was the norm to judge women based on their appearance and use their beauty against them. Beauty companies were telling women that their bodies weren’t thin enough, their faces clear enough, and their hair shiny enough.

I remember as a kid being unhappy with my height, my brown hair and brown eyes.  I wanted to look like my Barbie which was the definition of beauty I saw everywhere.

Times are changing. We are seeing women’s beauty advertisements empower women to break stereotypes. Dove is one of the brands that pioneered the femvertising movement with its Real Beauty campaign in 2004. Since then Dove has continued to aim for a world where beauty of all types are celebrated.

In their latest video, #MyBeautyMySay,  Dove feature stories of unique, talented and successful women who stand up for their own beauty. With this video Dove is encouraging women to define what “beautiful” means in their own terms.

Check out the video below.



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