Video Ad of The Week: Secret Deodorant Breaks Gender Norms

This week’s ad made me laugh and think at the same time. “The Question” is the latest ad in Procter & Gamble’s Secret Deodorant #StressTest Campaign. The campaign features women breaking barriers in sweat-inducing scenarios. “The team approached this campaign thinking about what it means to be a young woman right now” said Justine Armour, Creative Director from Secret’s ad agency, W&K Portland.

As a young woman, I love how Secret depicts stressful situations in women’s lives by illustrating our challenge to change cultural and traditional norms. The storyline and actors made me laugh, cringe (a little), and by the end, I felt empowered.

This ad is a strong example of storytelling that evokes emotion and intrigue quickly, while staying relevant to Secret’s brand promise.


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