Excellent Creative is Inherently Shareable

In the introductory blog post of the series, The 5 Foundations of Creative Excellence, we asked the 64 billion dollar question in advertising: Is there a repeatable formula for creative excellence? And if so, what is that formula rooted in?  In today’s post, we will discuss an ad that exemplifies our third framework of creative excellence: excellent creative is inherently shareable.

Most people share content based on social motivators – whether to spread a positive message, to seek a reaction from their peers, or to make a statement about who they are as a person. The best creatives give their audience a reason to share.


Motivations for Sharing


The brilliant minds behind Mullen and JetBlue created a social-media-driven initiative that turned an airline ticket into a chain letter of human goodness, and the idea—like the video—took flight.



Whether you participated directly, or you watched the stories unfold, you experience a connectedness to a greater purpose. The mark of good creative is when it goes beyond the brand to facilitate connections between consumers, which express the values of the brand. Since the start of the charitable campaign, the brand’s video has garnered over 188 million impressions, 1.5 million views, hundreds of submissions and, best of all, 11 inspiring fliers.

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