Excellent Creative Evokes Strong Emotion

In the introductory blog post of the series, The 5 Foundations of Creative Excellence, we asked the 64 billion dollar question in advertising: Is there a repeatable formula for creative excellence? And if so, what is that formula rooted in?  Today, we will take a look at an example of an ad that embodies our second framework of creative excellence: excellent creative evokes strong emotion.

The 90-second documentary, Wishes for Baby, evokes hope and joy in audiences with its footage of moms from seven nations with their newborns. Rather than focusing on baby toys, Fisher-Price shares a deeper message: we are universally connected by the same wishes for our children, built upon the same foundation of love; it transcends anything that divides us. Beyond a great product or service, it’s the heart at the core of a brand that builds deep emotional connection with the customer around family bonds.



An average consumer is exposed to 5,000 ad messages every day. So if creative can hit you where you live, and evoke an appropriate emotion, it is far more likely to drive engagement and emotional connection with your brand. Marketers should focus on amplifying the intensity of the emotion they’re looking to tap into. Successful creative should be hilarious, not just funny; it should evoke strong feeling of connectedness and loss, in contrast to mere wistfulness; and it needs to evoke joy, rather than contentedness.

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