Excellent Creative Demands People’s Attention

In the introductory blog post of the series, The 5 Foundations of Creative Excellence, we asked the 64 billion dollar question in advertising: Is there a repeatable formula for creative excellence? And if so, what is that formula rooted in?  Now, we will begin to answer to our own question by exploring the first framework of creative excellence: excellent creative demands people’s attention.

In a digital world oversaturated with information, advertising, and everything in between, the scarcest resource – and perhaps the most valuable one – has become time. In many cases, the platforms that are able to command the most time in a consumer’s daily experience are those that have also emerged as the most valuable. Facebook, where US consumers spends 40 minutes per day; YouTube, where entire generations have moved in wholesale replacement of TV; as well as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, and many others. Likewise, in the ad world, an excellent creative is one that can hook an audience and grab their undivided attention.



The Vistaprint video successfully hooks the audience with an original song to establish emotion and interest, and then it uses its story line, great actors, and products themselves, rather than dialogue, to communicate the message. Vistaprint taps into a universal truth with “The Postcard” – relationships and multi-generational bonds – that resonates with people around the world, and as a viewer, you are drawn into the desire to learn how the story will unfold. Audiences are left with the resounding message that in the face of entrepreneurial struggle and success, “everything you do matters.”

Only truly compelling creative can keep audiences engaged for nearly 3 minutes, all the while transforming how you think about business cards and business printing in the process.

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