Heineken Crowned Cannes Creative Marketer of the Year

Heineken has received the most prestigious honor in the creativity world: being named the 2015 Creative Marketer of the Year by the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

For those in the advertising industry, this award shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. In recent years, Heineken has consistently distinguished itself by inspiring innovative, global marketing campaigns and by embracing and encouraging creativity in its brand communications.


For those who love good advertising, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to Heineken. But just in case you’ve forgotten, let’s take a look at the global brand’s most popular campaigns from the past year.


Routine Interruptions: The Payphone with Fred Armisen

If a payphone rings in New York City, how many people will answer? Heineken tested this idea with a unique social experiment that aimed to pull city dwellers from their routines and inspire them to try something new.



The Experiment

Heineken is also setting the standard for corporate citizenship efforts with its moderation movement. The brand partnered with internationally acclaimed DJ Armin van Buuren, encouraging responsible consumption. Check out the global campaign film to find out why nights are better when you “Dance More, Drink Slow.”



Newcastle Brown Ale

If We Made It – Anna Kendrick

Upstaging any of the actual Super Bowl ads that aired, Newcastle toyed with the idea of how awesome its campaign would have been. Aside from being clever and entertaining, the “If We Made It” campaign also landed the number one spot on Adweek’s 10 best ads of 2014.



If We Won – Stephen Merchant

In a similar what if approach, Newcastle imagined what America would be like if Britain had won the Revolutionary War. The result was another slapstick, celebrity-filled ad featuring British actor and comedian, Stephen Merchant.



Dos Equis

The Most Interesting Man in the World: Swimming, Sledding, Saving and Surgery

Dos Equis took us on yet another wild and humorous ride, while adding to the legendary resume of “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”




Slow Motion Horse

Heineken borrowed some of its Newcastle-style humor for its cider brand, and poked some fun at beer-marketing clichés in the process.



We believe that it’s not just by shouting loud and clear the brand name or brand image that you are going to get consumer engagement. It’s far more important to share the brand point of view and to engage the consumer through the content. By engaging consumers with the content, we will then achieve … a higher level of bonding between the consumer and the brand, and therefore [they] are more likely to buy it.

–Nuno Teles, Heineken USA Chief Marketing Officer


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