3 Branded Content Campaigns That Broke the Mold in 2014

With 2015 quickly approaching, most people (and companies) will take time to reflect back on the past year. While 2014 has had its fair share of highs and lows, it has certainly been a year that’s worthy of celebration, especially for branded content.

So maybe we don’t have any Golden Lions to hand out, but we still think these campaigns deserve a special shout-out…

Honda – The Other Side

This fall, Honda and Wieden + Kennedy London set a whole new standard for interactive advertising. The most successful brands have embraced storytelling, but “The Other Side” goes a step further and tells a dual-story for the Civic and the Civic Type R. The video jumps between the original version and a parallel storyline featuring the Type R, but with the viewer in the driver’s seat. Watch and see what happens when you press and hold ‘R’ on the keyboard.


Honda The Other Side


“We wanted people to feel Honda’s other side as well as see it, so we dreamt up a technique that brings together both narratives through a simple interaction.”

–Wieden + Kennedy

 LEGO – The LEGO Movie

Wasn’t The LEGO Movie just a 90-minute toy commercial? After all, it’s the first movie of its kind in which all the characters, settings, the entire world is made of a branded product. However, the philosophy behind the most high-profile piece of content this year (and probably ever) was to use Lego as a medium rather than a product to sell. The result was a truly unique and funny film that echoed the Lego brand and voice. That doesn’t sound like a 90-minute commercial to me.



“We made something that uses Lego as a medium to tell a story, rather than a story to sell Lego. We saw it as a way to talk about creativity.”

–Christopher Miller, Writer of The LEGO Movie

Chipotle – Farmed and Dangerous

Chipotle doesn’t make a lot of content, but when it does, it rarely disappoints. After last year’s award-winning animated short, The Scarecrow, the brand followed up with a similar yet innovative campaign, Farmed and Dangerous. The four-part web series on Hulu satirizes the unsustainable world of the agriculture industry, all without a single mention of the Chipotle brand.



“We’ve been thinking of ‘Farmed and Dangerous’ as more of a ‘values-integration’ than traditional ‘product-integration.’ The show is rooted in some of the problems we are working to solve or improve upon, but it isn’t about us.”

Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle Chief Marketing Officer


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